UAA MATSU Campus Theatre


Wasilla, Alaska


Kumin Architects, Anchorage, Alaska

Installing Contractor

Roger Hickel Contracting, Anchorage, Alaska


  • VaproShield RevealShield in Black Color
  • Fiberesin Stonewood Panels
  • NorthClad Aluminum Extrusion Vertical Supports
  • NorthClad Radius .125" Aluminum Plate at building Fascia
  • SFS Stainless Steel Architectural Fasteners
Project Summary

NA beautifully designed theatre with a very contemporary feel. Using shades of whites and grays, Fiberesin Stonewood panels were masterfully utilized by the architect to create an incredibly brilliant looking building. Open joint rain screen design across the entire surface of the building virtually eliminates wind driven rain from being pulled into the buildings structure thru negative pressure which can be huge as this building sits square in the path of the weather that comes directly off the Knik Glacier. Providing the weather protection behind this open joint wall system is VaproShields black RevealShield which also provides the dark shadow lines at all reveal joints. The massive 5′ tall radius fascia that gives this building such a unique look was accomplished using .125 Aluminum Plate radius panels fabricated by NorthClad Panels and installed with color matched exposed fasteners.