NANA Corporate Offices


Anchorage, Alaska


KPB Architects, Anchorage, Alaska

Installing Contractor

Criterion Construction, Anchorage, Alaska


  • NorthClad .125" Aluminum Plate Arcadia Panels with 2" Perforation - Post Painted
  • NorthClad custom fabricated Zinc panels at reception area
Project Summary

As our buildings age, the need to redesign, update or otherwise repurpose these existing structures is becoming ever more frequent. The old UNOCAL building which has stood tall along the Anchorage Park Strip since the beginning of the oil boom days in Alaska was cleverly updated by KPB Architects in 2014. Being mostly glass curtain wall, the glass panels were updated and provided in a green tint with spandrel glass between floors. The eye catching key feature of the building is the perforated screen wall which was built around the old utilitarian penthouse to house the buildings air handling equipment. Designed in a basket weaving pattern, the radius perforated panels were installed into a framed system for support. The panels are color backlight at night which enhance the basket weave pattern which is sure to put a smile on the weariest of late night office warriors heading home on a cold Alaska winter evening.

NANA Native Corporation which operates the Red Dog Mine, one of the largest Zinc mines in the world, worked with the Architect to design a beautiful back drop behind the reception area in the main lobby of the building. This pattern represents a traditional native blanket design. The two shades seen in the pattern were constructed from actual Zinc metal which was custom fabricated by NorthClad in there northwest location of Everett WA.