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Form and functionality sets our products apart to give an array or choices for exterior design and performance. We have partnered with proven manufacturers who understand what quality means in the products they produce. In addition, we bring a high level of customer service, product and system expertise to everything we supply.

The following products are available, please   Contact Us  for a closer look.

Georgia Pacific manufactures an array of gypsum board products with fiberglass facing in lieu of paper face. This includes Cover Boards for commercial roofing, Exterior sheathing, Interior wall applications, Tile backer board, shaft wall lining and both Abuse and High Impact resistant boards. Excellent choice for strength, durability, sustainability and where wetting and drying cycles may exist in the building envelope.
VaproShield manufactures the most breathable air and weather barriers available to the building industry, period! From their innovative self-adhered WrapShield SA and WrapShield Integrated Tape Seam, both meeting ASTM E2357 for tested air barrier systems, to WallShield IT with an industry leading 145 perms for superior breathability.

VaproShield provides a fully tested system approach to your buildings envelop weather proofing, including a fully integrated window wrap system. VaproShield barrier systems have been time tested and proven in the most remote and harshest climates in Alaska for over 12 years.

WrapShield SA now qualifies for Declare Label!

SMARTci has quickly become the leader in the thermally broken girt market for exterior continuous insulation. Using a standard Z Furring shape and manufacturing it from structural fiberglass, it can accommodate both rigid board insulation and mineral wool from 2” to 6”. Make your next wall 95% thermally efficient!!
Resin panels are a homogenous solid fused panel (not laminated). Open joint rain screen panel systems provide not only great aesthetic appearance, but unparalleled exterior envelope performance. By creating a 1” deep, fully vented drain plane behind the panels, it breaks the capillary action of water intrusion to promote rapid drying wet climates as well as heat dissipation in hot climates. Typical install is exposed SS fasteners or concealed clip.

Contemporary in nature, these panels provide a very sharp and unique appearance to virtually any building type. Flexibility in shape, size and color make these panels an affordable choice for design professionals and a favorite for installing contractors as panels can be easily fabricated on site or come fully fabricated from the manufacture. Durability, impact resistance and anti-graffiti surfaces provide the end user with a “Hard to Beat Panel”.

Parklex Façade Panels – Produced in Spain and stocked in the USA, Parklex Façade Panels are unique in that they are made with real wood veneer. The unmistakable beauty and timeless style of natural wood grain sets these panels apart from any other cladding product on the market. 8mm – 10mm thickness in Class A or B fire rating, maximum size of 4’x8’. Panels can be fabricated to virtually any size or shape from full panels at factory or on site. Both exterior and interior panels available. Perforated or slotted panels available. 8 exterior colors and 25 interior colors

Stonewood Panels – Produced in Wisconsin by Fiberesin Industries, Stonewood Phenolic Resin Panels are available in solid color, abstract and faux wood grain patterns giving the designer unlimited ability in design. Thickness from 1/8” to 1”, Class A or B fire rating, maximum size of 4’x8’. Panels can be fabricated to virtually any size or shape from full panels at factory or on site. Suited for exterior and interior application. Perforated and slotted panels as well as custom graphics.

NorthClad Rain Screen Solutions produces three styles of their AL Panel System which provides a flat modular look while providing a complete pressure equalized rain screen system. Available in aluminum, zinc, stainless steel. Perforated or solid panel sizes up to 40” x 80”. Standard or custom color available.
NorthClad Rain Screen Solutions fabricates a proven and tested pressure equalized Aluminum Composite Material Panel System. When looking for larger, flat, modular panels this is an excellent choice, with sizes up to 5’x16’. Choose from a multitude colors and finishes including zinc. Panels can also be perforated. ACM Panels can also be used in flat open joint rain screen application similar to phenolic resin panels. Excellent choice for high end canopy and soffit applications also!!
NorthClad Rain Screen Solutions is unmatched when looking for perforated or custom panel options. Flat or radius screen walls or integrated module panels using virtually unlimited possibilities for perforations patterns lends itself to the creative designer. Choose from 1/8” plate aluminum or 4mm ACM and anything in between.
If unique, bold and creative are words that you want to describe your next project, then look to Millennium Forms to provide you a product to fit that need. Millennium Forms can fabricate a variety of custom panels from standard tiles to custom flat lock tiles of various size and flat module rain screen panels. From bright mirror stainless to flat mill finish, from calming Pewter color to brilliant Peacock colors and just about anything in between, Millennium Forms can give your project that “one off” character you are looking for.
Centria Panels is the undisputed leader in providing exceptional quality roll formed panels. Their Concept Series Panel provides the most innovative concealed clip system on the market. Providing either a ½” or ¾” stand-off clip, the system provides a fully rain screen panel system without the need for additional hat or Z girts channels to stand the panel off the wall. Vertical or horizontal installation. Steel, Aluminum or zinc in various thicknesses. Choose from a variety of panel shapes and sizes that all interlock giving the designer a great deal of detailing latitude. Strong, tested and proven in the most remote climates in Alaska, this is a solid choice.
IMP Systems have a proven track record for providing a complete wall system without over complicating the process.  With new building codes requiring more and more insulation to the outside of the buildings framing system, IMP’s are a smart choice for high performance thermal wall systems that also provide incredible durability and clean flat appearance.  Panels range from very smooth and flat Architectural panels to patterned surfaced panels with embossed facing for more commercial/industrial applications. Some panels are able to achieve up to R42 in a single panel thickness.

Architectural Centria Panels has long been the leader in producing an exceptional flat, foamed-in-place insulated panel (not laminated) for Architectural appearance and aesthetics.  FormaWall panels provide exceptional flatness and timeless appeal to buildings with a multitude of reveal widths, insulated metal vertical joints instead of gaskets and an industry leading non-wicking, rain screen horizontal joint system.  Thickness of up to 3” at R-21.

Commercial/IndustrialMetl Span Commercial panels are unmatched in a durable, foamed-in-place, metal panel system for use in commercial/industrial applications with either engineered or pre-engineered metal building frames. From large hangars to food distribution and anything in-between, Metl Span provides both roof and wall panels with thicknesses up to 6” at R42 in a single panel.  With a wide range of lenghs, widths, thickness and finishes, Metl Span is your solution.

Natural beauty with the warmth of earth tone colors and aesthetics is the best way to describe Cembrit Cement panels. With a variety of surface finishes, these panels are thru-colored 8mm panels that can be fabricated to any size from up to a 5’x10’ panel. The standard application is exposed fastened on vertical stand-off girts to provide a high performance open joint rain screen system. An excellent choice for contemporary architecture in commercial or residential.
Everlast cladding is a durable, ¼” thick lap siding product available in both 6-7/8” and 4-1/2” reveal widths. Surface texture is truly representative of a painted cedar board. 12’ lengths and matching trims without any use of caulk make this a superior performing system

  • Highly impact resistant
  • Impervious to water absorption
  • Co-extruded finish available in 14 colors (thru color core)
  • Lifetime Limited warranty including fade
  • Back lap on board plus slotted holes at top provides superior attachment and allows for expansion and contraction
  • Single person installation makes this product very competitive
Johns Manville has been manufacturing commercial roofing products for well over 100 years. From Single Ply PVC, TPO and EPDM membranes to BUR, SBS and APP, Johns Manville is a leading producer of high end commercial roof membranes, insulations, cover boards and accessories. JM is also the industry leader in bellows type expansion joints for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.